Our shipping policy is very simple:

  1. Shipping rate: Free
  2. Shipping Zone: everywhere

Yes, really! Everything on our site come with Free standard shipping, and it’s the same free shipping doesn’t matter where you at!

Live in Nevada desert? No problem!

Traveled to New York and sending a birthday gift to girlfriend in London? we got you covered!

Sending a gift to grandma in Tokyo? consider it done!

Okay…. here are some “but”s:

  1. We depend on the postal system to deliver your purchase. For some country with a notoriously slow and ineffective postal system, we may not process your order if we decide its a high risk of loss or delay.
  2. We are sending out your order from Hongkong, where our factory is at. That means it will need to get through your country’s custom. Most country’s custom has a duty exempt limit for gifts, for U.S residents, it’s $800. For European countries, it’s €430. Check with your government customs agency for that limit. If the item you bought exceeds that limit, you may subject to pay customs duty when you try to claim the package from postal office.
  3. We will process your order within 24 hours once we received it, and normally it will be shipped out in 48 hours. However, depending on the complexity of your customization, some orders may take longer.
  4. For the most country, your order shouldn’t take more than 5-7 business day to arrive. But if you really live in the middle of nowhere, or in time of holiday or natural disaster, your order may take much longer than that to arrive.
  5. We will pack your order in care and make sure it will survive all the toss and drop in transit, but in case it didn’t, please take a picture and send us an email, we will send you another one, free of charge.

That’s it! Happy shopping!